"We will never be able to adequately thank you for the care and love you gave to our mother. Our hope was that she would get good care. We never imagined that in addition to great care, she would also find another family at VSF. She loved each of you! Thank you for taking such an interest in what she loved to share with all of you, for laughing with her, and, most of all, for bringing so much joy to her final years! God bless each of you and the work you do!"

Dick, Sherrie & Samm H.

"Mom came to VSF for rehabilitation purposes as she had taken several falls and needed assistance in ‘re-learning’ her walking skills. Prior to this she had resided in an independent living community with a caretaker. After about six weeks, Mom had been doing a lot of ‘thinking and praying’ and she decided that she wanted to stay at Villa Saint Francis and become a permanent resident. Her words were, ‘I feel safe here. When I think of going back to my apartment, I feel afraid of being alone. Here, I never feel alone, and everyone treats me so nice. I love it here. Can I stay?’ The peace of mind that I experienced knowing that Mom was happy and being ‘lovingly’ taken care of is indeed a blessing.”

Kathryn B.

"Everyone is very friendly and helpful here. No sad faces. Villa St. Francis is quality, and it so nice to see it run by qualified professionals. The Administrator is so friendly, and he listens to your problems and resolves them. Also, one couldn’t ask for a better Director of Nursing. She goes the extra mile, and finds out the whys and the why nots."

Marty M.

“From the moment that Mother arrived at Villa, she knew she had found the perfect facility. Initially, we struggled with the fact that Mother would spend the remainder of her life in a skilled nursing facility. However, the nursing staff soon calmed our fears and concerns. Thank you for wrapping your arms around our Mother and us as a family. We will forever be so grateful.”

Cathy R., Jody S. & Family

“When I was told my mother needed to be in a skilled nursing center, I was very depressed. I set out to find the best home I could for my mother, and when my husband and I took a tour of Villa St. Francis I couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It was not a ‘nursing home’ as we knew from the past, but a beautiful home. Everyone (residents and staff) were so friendly and relaxed, and there was a comfortable feeling. Residents are treated with love and respect from al the staff, no matter which department they work in, and I have seen the staff take that extra little step to assist a resident in some way. I didn’t know a place like Villa St. Francis existed. Thank you so much for the wonderful care you give my mom and the other residents.”

Phyllis H.