Leah Powers, Activity Assistant |
"Music is all about transporting people, speaking a language which languages fail to express." A.R. Rahman.
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Annie Michalek, Director of Clinical Business Development |
In our fast-paced world, we often find ourselves forgetting the most important piece of what keeps us going - our hearts.
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Sarah McEnerney |
For many years, as I sat in the pews with my family, I gave what I could to Call to Share, but I often wondered, “Where do my dollars go?” Now that I am the Director of Engagement for Villa St. Francis, I’ve not only seen, but experienced that question answered.
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Administrator of Senior Care Facility

Rodney Whittington |
In early October, we will host our first Feast of St. Francis. During this event, we will introduce the St. Francis Fund which was created to make the care we offer more affordable for our residents; this fund will provide room and board assistance to seniors who choose to live with us.
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Faith in Bloom